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"In a strange way, architecture is really an unfinished thing, because even though the building is finished, it takes on a new life. It becomes part of a new dynamic, how people occupy it, use it, think about it.   


                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Daniel Liebskind


Jonathan Kadi, Owner/Contractor

I'm passionate about a lot of family, my dog, travel, golf, and of course good design. I was born in New Jersey, and grew up in Connecticut. My high school football career led me to play as a linebacker at Catholic University, where I discovered my love of architecture, and more specifically construction. I have a Masters of Architecture and over 15 years of residential construction experience. I love what I do and get great satisfaction seeing great design built.

Jennifer Kadi, RA



I am a Maryland girl, born and bred. I love family, the outdoors, and yes good design. I am a local Sherwood High School graduate that followed my passion for art and travel to Catholic University. I have a Masters of Architecture and is also where I met that tall drink of water pictured to the LEFT. I have over 15 years of both commercial and residential experience, with a focus in interior design. I am also a licensed architect which I am very proud of. I love to run with my boxer, garden with my kids, and travel. I believe that creating beautiful spaces that are also functional can change the way people live.

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